Ambient torch songs, palm wine folk, electronic landscapes and kaleidoscopic trip-hop, these are a few of the musical colours you’ll discover on this visual and sonic rollercoaster.

Known for his melodic imagination and minutely crafted arrangements, Nicolas Nadar leaves all easy options behind, aiming to create something new under the sun (of the tropics).


11 visual mysteries run through by ether, ebony water, sweet poison and mahogany sand. 11 labyrinths tinged with liquid symbolism, in the jungle of which hide the masks of forgotten spirits, of stonefish and inverted dancers.

11 moist and hushed documentaries, illuminated by the electric fiction of a tropical night.

Radu ZERO delivers an enigma in ten acts, with open meanings, elliptical, exploring the limits of the direct perception of images, venturing on the field of memory, using “déjà-vu” as a filmic structure.

A movie made of movies, to watch and hear as a spiritual inquiry in the center of a forgotten journey.


A genuine four-hand composition, Sleeper Hits:Tropical Abstractions is unique in its unified vision, its multi-level dialogue between music and film.

Both experimental and immediately seductive, SH:TA invites you to take part in its emotional puzzle, conceived to work either as a predefined succession of tracks, or as a personal journey mapped by chance and shuffle mode



NICOLAS NADAR – Sleeper Hits : Tropical Abstractions (2021)

Haunted by Radu ZERO’s images, the music of Sleeper Hits : Tropical Abstractions is an exploration of the frontier between song and cinematographic art: evocative climates, play on sound layers and editing, dramaturgy of the development of the tracks, elastic durations, the processes inspired by cinema build around the melody, the voice and the text a complex universe, teeming with life, in constant change.

In 11 tracks with varied flavors, the songwriter explores in his own enigmatic way some of the key themes of our time, from global warming to computer hacking, from digital slavery to extractivist predation. Borrowed from the world of cinema, the expression “Sleeper Hits” refers to those films with unexpected success, built up in an underground and patient way. A nice way to describe Nicolas Nadar’s songs, both confusing, mysterious and yet singularly hospitable… with or without images.

Released 25.06.2021 on Poor Records

140g. Gatefold Vinyl LP: PoorLP034
Digital album with 2 extra tracks


Developed over more than five years, the film and music project Sleeper Hits: Tropical Abstractions has given rise to a lot of questions and food for thought. In 2021, to accompany the release of the vinyl record, we wanted to offer a series of podcasts (in French) exploring in detail the creation of the different chapters of this hybrid adventure. From “Night of the Lost Explorers” to “Contains Spoilers”, this 8-episode journey reveals many of the secrets behind the making of our project.