A modular live experience in music and film by Nicolas Nadar & Radu ZERO


Podcast EP03: Figures of Sand

Podcast EP03: Figures of Sand

Deuxième segment le plus long du projet cinématographique et musical “Sleeper Hits : Tropical Abstractions”, “Figures of Sand” nous transporte dans un vortex de sensations ondulatoires. Conçu sous la forme de vagues sonores et visuelles, ce titre met en scène un duo...

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Podcast EP02: Ultramarine / Outremer

Podcast EP02: Ultramarine / Outremer

Radu ZERO et moi-même sommes très heureux de vous présenter le 2e épisode de notre podcast hebdomadaire voué à détailler les coulisses du projet cinématographique et musical “Sleeper Hits : Tropical Abstractions”.  Conçu à l’origine comme une simple introduction,...

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SH:TA – Le Making Of

SH:TA – Le Making Of

A l'occasion de la sortie de l'album Sleeper Hits : Tropical Abstractions sur le label Poor Records le 25 juin 2021, Nicolas Nadar et Radu ZERO vous dévoilent dans ce podcast original les coulisses de cette création unissant songwriting et cinéma. Prior to the release...

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Nouveau single, nouvelle vidéo

Nouveau single, nouvelle vidéo

Très heureux de vous présenter aujourd'hui "Seeders & Leechers", nouvel extrait de l'album cinématographique et musical Sleeper Hits:Tropical Abstractions, conçu à 4 mains par Nicolas Nadar et Radu ZERO, à paraître cet...

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Ambient torch songs, palm wine folk, electronic landscapes and kaleidoscopic trip-hop, these are a few of the musical colours you’ll discover on this visual and sonic rollercoaster.

Known for his melodic imagination and minutely crafted arrangements, Nicolas Nadar leaves all easy options behind, aiming to create something new under the sun (of the tropics).



11 visual mysteries run through by ether, ebony water, sweet poison and mahogany sand. 11 labyrinths tinged with liquid symbolism, in the jungle of which hide the masks of forgotten spirits, of stonefish and inverted dancers.

11 moist and hushed documentaries, illuminated by the electric fiction of a tropical night.

Radu ZERO delivers an enigma in ten acts, with open meanings, elliptical, exploring the limits of the direct perception of images, venturing on the field of memory, using “déjà-vu” as a filmic structure.

A movie made of movies, to watch and hear as a spiritual inquiry in the center of a forgotten journey.



A genuine four-hand composition, Sleeper Hits:Tropical Abstractions is unique in its unified vision, its multi-level dialogue between music and film.

Both experimental and immediately seductive, SH:TA invites you to take part in its emotional puzzle, conceived to work either as a predefined succession of tracks, or as a personal journey mapped by chance and shuffle mode.



Active on the Swiss and European art scene for more than fifteen years.
Creator of scenic projects and installations joining video, visual arts and music. His work as a video artist is mainly reflected in hybrid fictions. Deliberate oscillations on the very theme of form and on the perception of the image, on the mise en abyme of established codes of perception, his films are as much cinematographic objects as constantly mutating experimental creations.
Radu ZERO also works as a videographer for various contemporary theater and dance companies.
Over the last three years he has collaborated with Matei Visniec, La Cie De nuit comme de jour, Robert Garieri aka “Roccobelly”, and has presented three experimental fictional feature films in targeted and demanding arthouse cinema halls and festivals, like the Green Hours and Clubul Taranului / Romania, Arsenic, Grütli, Zinema, Sputnik, SAS / Switzerland. In summer 2016 he took part in the RAC, a residence for contemporary art in Brasov / Transylvania.


Nicolas Nadar

Swiss singer-songwriter Nicolas Nadar first started his career in 2006 as Fauve. Hailed by the press, embraced by the French magazine Les Inrocks, his first, self-titled album got him invited to perform in many clubs and festivals in Switzerland and France, as well as the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2007, with Raphelson, Sophie Hunger, John Parish and The Lausanne Sinfonietta.
In 2012, Fauve released Clocks’n’Clouds, a darker, electronic-tinged album that also got him very positive reviews, both in Switzerland and abroad. In 2015, he changed his stage name to Nicolas Nadar and composed the soundtrack to the TV series Anomalia (directed by Pierre Monnard), broadcast on RTS 1 and France 5. In 2016-21, Nicolas Nadar wrote the music of several documentary films and started his work on the musical and cinematographic project Sleeper Hits : Tropical Abstractions.




Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Kuantan, Dungun, Rainforest of Terrenganu, Taman Negara, Sinaï, Marakech, Essaouira, Atlas mountains, Ouzoud, Djerba, Sahara desert, Canary islands, Capo de Gata, Cuevas del Drac, Portocristo, Sevilla, Havana, Sanaa, Djibouti, Camargue, Il – Mellieha, Gozo, Victoria, Estavayer-Le-Lac, Lajes De Pico, Golfito. 



Nicolas Nadar / Radu ZERO / Erwin Comte / Ruxandra Mitache / Andrei Mitache / Heide Blank / Diego Fellmann  / Alan Juilland / Okabé / Patrick Tai-Dumitru / WAYVEE / Tanjong Jara Orchestra / Solange Nguessan / Tuayisa S. Bala Vita / Lesly Houndole / Mikael Bochez / Alexandre Bochez  / Indian Club dancers of KL / Lovely people of Dungun / Melaka / KL / Capo de Gata flamenco crew Andalusia / Havana / Djibouti / Sanaa / Shweta Kandoi / Samuel Leresche / Le Bourg technical boy / Ana Canpean / REDUTA (Brasov)



09. sept 2021: PTR L’Usine, Geneva – CH

Designed to be performed live, Sleeper Hits : Tropical Abstractions explores a unique blend of live music and cinematic discourse.
A prototype version of the project was created in Bucharest and Brasov (Amural Festival) in september 2017, with Nicolas Nadar singing and playing grand piano and electronics on stage, facing the screen.
Both very precisely set and open to adventurous playing in its dialogue between sound and image, the live version of the project is meant to be a modular experience, allowing different set-ups, from a single player to a trio of live musicians.


21. Sept 2019:  Festival du Développement Durable, Echallens
07. June 2019: Le Spoutnik, Genève
06. June 2019: La Datcha, Lausanne
10. Nov 2018: City Club, Pully, CH
03. Sept 2017: Amural Festival, Brasov, ROM
01. Sept 2017: Clubul Taranului, Bucarest, ROM


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